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Frequently Asked Questions
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Q. How secure is my data?
A. All data entered to the system is held on one of our web host company's secure web servers. Unauthorised access is prohibited.

The database is backed up daily and backups stored for 1 week to ensure accurate recovery in the unlikey event of system hardware malfunction.

Some techy info:- The FlagAlpha domain uses a TLS connection and all data movements use 128 bit encryption. Connections are encrypted and authenticated using AES_128_GCM and use DHE_RSA as the key exchange mechanism. You should be able to see this for yourself and follow links to see explanations if you click on the padlock icon that will always show in your browser when you are logged in to FlagAlpha.


Q. We already use the Social Media .. Why is FlagAlpha better than FaceBook© ?
A. We would never suggest that FlagAlpha is better - only that it is different. The various social media applications are marvellous platforms for personal interaction and many groups use them to look after communication beyond the club noticeboard. FlagAlpha is different in that it provides a tightly structured environment that encompasses all the major administrative functions of an active dive club.

An analysis of the FlagAlpha developer's club membership in terms of 'who uses the FB group' showed an interesting result in that only 50% of the club membership were members of the FB group - and only 50% of the members of the FB group were active members of the club! Now that all club members have a FlagAlpha account through which they provide and maintain the records required by the club - nobody misses out on the news because they don't happen to use the social media sites.

Q. Might my club be too big or too small for FlagAlpha?
A. No, not at all. Small groups probably wouldn't wish to use all of FlagAlpha's functionality and can be up and running very quickly. Larger, more formally organised clubs/groups will just need a little more effort in initial configuration. Once the set-up is complete size really doesn't matter :)

Q. Some of our members don't use email a lot ... Can it send text messages instead?
A. The short answer - and the good news is Yes! - but unfortunately it isn't currently possible for websites such as ours to send SMS messages to UK mobiles without using a third party Gateway service. All email communications generated by FlagAlpha are free. There is also a function offering additional text messages to mobile phones. It is necessary for us to make a small charge for this to cover the cost of the Gateway service.


Q. Where are all the advertisement banners so often found in web pages?
A. Our baseline philosophy of Functionality First! is a great influence on the standards applied in FlagAlpha. We cannot guarantee that it will never be necessary to use sponsor messaging to fund this site - but from startup it has always been our intention to avoid this. It is really important that users of the site should be able to concentrate on the task in hand - without the distraction of sponsor messages.

Q. Why is it so important that I set my browser to allow cookies and JavaScript?
A. The functionality delivered by FlagAlpha is easy to understand, simple to use, and (once you get to know your way around!) provides a comfortable flow within which the users go about their club business.

Behind the scenes there is a lot going on. Many processes use more than one page and to ensure that both security and data integrity are maintained as these progress, we must use cookies. We never use cookies for any reason other than to maintain the security of your data or to improve your experience when viewing pages. If cookies are disabled in your browser, you will not be able to log in to your account.

We use Javascript only very occasionally (to prevent early submission of webforms, we use javascript on some pages to temporarily disable the [Enter] key. Javascript is also used to provide rich text functions on some text entry areas. If Javascript is disabled in your browser, some pages will not perform properly.

Q. What do the existing users think about FlagAlpha?
A. It is still early days but early indications are that FlagAlpha is going to be a success. Current users have paid compliments to the way this works and the ease with which they have been able to manage events, enter/maintain their data, and run reports.


If your question isn't covered here and you'd like an answer, please use our Contacts form to let us know. We'll respond as quickly as we can - and most probably, add your question to this page.