Handles dive club administration, event management, and communications - by design!

More about FlagAlpha

Designed and developed over several years, FlagAlpha continues to grow with the target of becoming the application of choice for multiple dive clubs.

Each of the key sliding images showing on the home-page are covered in more detail below.

.. .. About Functionality

The FlagAlpha system is designed to provide an environment where the work done by the core members of a club does not become an administrative chore.

Having too often been asked to run with 'pretty - but not able to support all needs' systems, functionality before bells and whistles has been the FlagAlpha developer's motto for many years.

About Administration / Committee Functions

Membership Management
When a new club member joins, the membership administrator needs only to ask for an email address and a mobile phone number. The system will very quickly send an authentication code to the mobile phone and a message to the email address containing a link for the new member to activate his/her account and complete the webforms to provide the necessary personal details.

When the member has created the account, the membership secretary will use the admin pages to add confirmation that subscriptions have been set up/received, diver qualifications confirmed, and to add a record of the members medical certification held on file.

The system also benefits from a Member Secretary ⇔ Member communications module which enables the easy set up of comms threads. This function is able to send email alerts when new messages are added. The communications module has a templates facility where admins can set up the text of regularly repeated messages (i.e. 'Your new club card has arrived in branch .. Shall you pick it up or should I send it to you?").

Also within the member management module, the Membership Administrator is able to manage members' roles within FlagAlpha. The menu displayed to each member is individualised; constructed dynamically on login using the permissions granted to that individual. e.g. Only members who have been granted dive event admin rights see the create Dive Event page. Only Committee Members see the Committee menu.

Club Documents
FlagAlpha provides storage for club e-documents to be uploaded for viewing/download by members via the Documents page.

Actions Log
Details of Actions agreed may be entered to the Committee actions log. Actions are allocated to the member who agreed to complete it with detail of what and by when. Committee members are able to filter and view actions whilst also using the associated blog thread to discuss any questions. The Actions Log also provides a function to print a report of all non-archived actions for discussion/review at committee.

Property Management
Currently in the design stage and planned to go live in the 2017/18 season, this function will provide a facility for Equipment Officers to record items of property with maintenance schedules and valuation reports. Will include a section for the management of training packs purchased, current stock, and records of sales.

Finance Reporting
Also currently in design and planned for 2017/18 is the Financial reporting module. This will enable the recording of balances, receipts and payments allocated to different categories. This module will support easily accessible reporting of club financial status.

About Communication

FlagAlpha is committed to providing a platform through which members are kept informed in ways appropriate to their role, status and needs within their club.

This is achieved by:

Broadcast messages that may be sent to specific groups of members … It is likely that all members will want to hear about a new social event, but not everyone will want to know that a particular dive or an Ocean Diver classroom training module has had to be cancelled at short notice. Within the event admin sections, administrators are able to create messages then post them to selected group(s) of members.

Event organisers being notified when members sign up or change their signed up status.

A blog section attached to every event. When a question is asked or answered or when a comment is made, the organisors of the event and all members signed up for that event are informed individually.

About Events Management

Events, under the three categories of Diving, Training, and Social, are created and managed by event administrators.

Event Administrators set up events in the system, open them for booking and raise awareness by broadcasting messages to appropriate member groups. On the event admin page, tick 'add to calendar' and the event is automatically added to the Club on-line calendar.

Interested members then login to view detail and get their names on the list/manage their registered status. Members do not have to sign up for an event before they may ask questions/discuss the event using the associated blog post thread.

When the time is right, the event administrator can close the list - and in the case of diving events may view and/or print a report showing high level info about the event and details of contact/NOK/medical certification/diver qualification for all members on the final list. Passing a paper form round the boat on the way out to the dive-site is history.

After the event, it's status may be set to 'washup' where attendees may add their contribution (comments and/or photgraphs) to the event report form which then may be finalised off-line. Once completed, events may be archived but still viewed by those who registered through their My Events history page.

Finally, a little about the designer/developer ..

Graham (George) Milner has analysed and computerised manual business processes since the 1980s.

After completing a full career in the Royal Navy (the last 4 years spent rolling out, teaching and supporting a new accounting package), George took the role of Management Information Manager at a Russell Group University on the South Coast. During eleven years in this post he set up systems to deliver complex reporting of student data to both the University Management Team and for the statutory returns required by the Higher Education Statistics Agency and the Higher Education Funding Council for England.

On retirement a project was needed - so when he took on the role of Secretary/Membership Secretary at his dive club and the old spreadsheet needed updating, one thing led to another...

Welcome to FlagAlpha !